Key Spray-Cooled™ Projects

With our experienced team of Engineers and Designers, Systems Spray-Cooled can handle any sized project from a single piece of equipment conversion to an entire meltshop of equipment and off-gas ducting.  We have the facilities and experience to handle any project our customers need.

Some of our recent large scale projects include:

Spray-Cooled™ Capabilities Brochure

  • Complete meltshop equipment (sidewalls, roofs and elbows for a 26’-4” dia furnace) and off-gas ducting (approximately 180’ of 10’ dia duct including a 13’-4” x 19’-11” x 23’-10” tall panelized dropout chamber) for two identical furnaces at Steel Dynamics in Columbus, MS (formerly Severstal)
  • Sidewalls and roofs for two 24’-4” dia furnaces, including two 15’-4” x 15’-4” dropout chamber roofs, for Nucor-Yamato Steel in Blytheville, AR
  • Replacement 11’-7” x 14’-7” x 37’-9” tall panelized Consteel off-gas doghouse duct for Nucor Steel in Cofield, NC
  • Roofs and elbows for a 24’-7” dia. twin-shell furnace at Nucor Steel in Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Sidewalls and roofs for two 22’-4” dia. Furnaces at Nucor Steel in Crawfordsville, IN
  • Sidewalls and roofs with integrated elbows for a 26’-4” furnace for Big River Steel in Osceola, AR
  • Roofs and elbows for a 20-10” dia. furnace for Nucor Steel in Kankakee, IL

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