Electric Arc Furnace Roofs

Developed by electric arc furnace operations and maintenance personnel for their own use, SYSTEMS Spray-Cooled™ EAF roofs provide all of the benefits of water-cooling in a Safer, more reliable, less troublesome, and more energy efficient manner. Our unique one-piece design has proven successful on all types, shapes and sizes of electric arc furnaces, as well as “hybrid” electrical and chemical energy source furnaces. Patented and proprietary application methods, designs and components have resolved many of the most historically problematic areas of the furnace roof and “hot spots”. With over 30 years of continuing technological development on hundreds of successful installations around the world, our Spray-Cooled™ EAF roofs have been and continue to be the mainstay application of our Spray-Cooled™ technology.

  • One-piece “single panel” design
  • Non-pressurized water-cooling
  • Eliminates high pressure, high volume water leaks
  • Dramatically reduced flame and fume emissions
  • Indefinite service life with “Rebuild versus Replace” techniques
  • Light weight reduces wear and extends life of lifting gantry, turret bearings, etc.
  • Offered with integral, one-piece roof and roof elbow, individual electrode sleeves or outfitted for either Spray-Cooled™ delta or cast refractory delta
  • Point heat-load water demand capable
  • Thin carbon steel plate construction
  • Enhanced slag retention
  • Eliminates the need for water to cool refractory delta/center piece, thus eliminating possibility of delta ring water leaks
  • Offered with 3- or 4-point lift, cantilever lift, universal LH/RH swing, steep, shallow or dual cone profiles


Spray-Cooled™ Capabilities Brochure

EAF Spray Cooled Roof

EAF Steep Cone Roof Video

Improving furnace reliability while decreasing and easing maintenance requirements, providing safer working conditions in a cleaner environment, reducing the cost of spare parts inventories while extending the service life of the equipment, and providing for more production with less energy – SYSTEMS Spray-Cooled™ equipment is “Staying Cool in a Hot Business”.

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