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Systems Spray-Cooled technology is a SAFER Alternative to Pressurized Water-Cooled Furnace Systems

  • Operating at atmospheric pressure, Spray-Cooling™ eliminates the potential for high-pressure, high-volume water leaks.
  • The entire hot face of every Spray-Cooled™ component is accessible from the “wet” side so that inspections and repairs may be accomplished without exposure to the “hot” side of the furnace equipment.

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Systems Spray-Cooled technology provides superior ENVIRONMENTAL Performance to Pressurized Water-Cooled Furnace Systems

  • The one-piece construction of Systems Spray-Cooled equipment eliminates panel-to-panel gaps as well as tube-to-tube gaps, thus minimizing flame and fume emissions as well as air infiltration, keeping your steel mill melt shop cleaner and cooler.
  • Secondary containment of Spray-Cooled™ equipment facilitates gas/fume leak detection and monitoring.

Systems Spray-Cooled technology is a MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT Alternative to Pressurized Water-Cooled Furnace Systems

  • The enhanced cooling methods and slag retention procedures and products incorporated into our Spray-Cooled™ equipment, retain more energy in the furnace, thus reducing the energy losses to the environment and to the water system.
  • Operating at lower cooling water supply pressures, and at atmospheric drain pressures greatly reduces the pumping energy required of the steel mill utility system.
  • Minimizing air infiltration into the furnace and gas stream facilitates better post-combustion control.

Systems Spray-Cooled technology is a MORE COST EFFICIENT Alternative to Pressurized Water-Cooled Furnace Systems

  • Better thermal stress management, better and more readily applicable repair procedures, and a SAFER component all help provide a longer service life for Spray-Cooled™ equipment than for pressurized water-cooled furnace equipment.
  • Rebuild versus Replace” campaigns provide long-term cost savings for steel mills.

We Are the Better Alternative

Systems Spray-Cooled furnace equipment is a cut above pressurized water cooling. It provides Safer operations, superior environmental performance, and more efficiency in both energy and cost.

Applications include electric arc furnace roofs, sidewalls/shells, roof elbows, off-gas ductwork, LMF roofs, BOF hoods, smelting furnace roofs, and panelized applications.

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Overview of Systems Spray-Cooled, our division that supplies furnace water-cooling systems for melt shops and steel mills, primarily electric arc furnaces. Learn how Spray-Cooled™ technology decreases furnace maintenance costs while increasing reliability.