Electric Arc Furnace Roof Elbows

All of the many technological, safety, environmental, operational and maintenance benefits of our Spray-Cooled™ equipment are recognized in SYSTEMS Spray-Cooled™ EAF roof elbows. One-piece construction and dual containment capabilities make our roof elbows the GREENEST choice available.

  • One-piece construction and continuous plate hot face eliminates potential air gaps thus reducing gas exfiltration into the environment and ambient air infiltration.
  • Containment cover provides means for dual containment and gas leak monitoring and detection.
  • Efficient cooling method provides for more direct application of cooling in areas of need without increasing total cooling water flow requirements.
  • Multiple access ports provide means to perform routine inspections and repairs from outside.
  • The thin carbon steel plate, hot face, is the only wear item in the duct, thus facilitating “Rebuild versus Replace” procedures for dramatic long range cost savings.
  • Ability to extend the service life of the hot face by decreasing thickness where thermal stresses are controlling, and increase the thickness as an allowance where erosion/corrosion conditions are controlling the life.
  • Continuous plate hot face eliminates degradation of gas stream containment over the life of the duct.

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One Piece Construction Spray-Cooled Roof Elbow

EAF Steep Cone Roof Video

Improving furnace reliability while decreasing and easing maintenance requirements, providing safer working conditions in a cleaner environment, reducing the cost of spare parts inventories while extending the service life of the equipment, and providing for more production with less energy – SYSTEMS Spray-Cooled™ equipment is “Staying Cool in a Hot Business”.

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