Steelmaking Industry: Spray-Cooled Solutions

Steelmaking Industry

With over 20 years of continuing application development and improvement, and hundreds of successful installations worldwide, SYSTEMS offers a complete line of steel mill applications for aggressively high heat load equipment.

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Small Electric Arc Furnace: Spray-Cooled

Iron & Steel Foundry Works Industry

With today’s growing demands for production, increased energy input has added to the demands of the furnace vessel. Typical heat loads have taxed the abilities of conventional cast and brick refractories to continue to offer an economically viable solution.

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Smelting Furnace: Systems Spray-Cooled

Mining / Ore Smelting Industry

Operational reliability in helping to achieve long term closed campaigns on the large diameter, submerged arc furnaces of the ore smelting industry have made SYSTEMS Spray-CooledTM technology the Leader in the field of water-cooled furnace roofs, chimneys and off-gas duct.

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