Panelized Applications

One predominate advantage of SYSTEMS Spray-Cooled™ equipment is the ability to create large, integrated, one-piece constructions of equipment that heretofore was panelized. However, in some instances we have found it desirous to breakdown large pieces of equipment into more manageable, panelized components. The extreme flexibility of our Spray-Cooled™ technology makes it possible to customize the best unique arrangement for each individual installation.

Very large diameter furnace roofs, BOF hoods, combustion chambers, and drop-out chambers are some of the applications that we have panelized in order to satisfy individual installation conditions. All of the many technological, Safety, environmental, operational and maintenance benefits of our Spray-Cooled™ equipment are present on the panelized components, and years of successful operation has proven the viability, economy, and reliability of our technology in each of these demanding applications.

  • Light weight reduces support requirements and facilitates the support of more, lighter panels rather than a single, heavier object.
  • Unique support concepts have facilitated removal of single panels independently of the whole.
Easy Maintenance in Spray Cooled Panel Drop Out Chamber

EAF Steep Cone Roof Video

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