Enhanced Furnace Operations

SYSTEMS Spray-Cooled™ technology offers many tangible benefits to the operations and maintenance of the furnace equipment. Among the most intriguing benefit, is the increased operating efficiency recognized in furnaces outfitted with our Spray-Cooled™ furnace components.

  • One-piece construction eliminates many sources of heat and energy loss from the furnace and downstream gases.
  • Spray-Cooling™ method is a more efficient application of available cooling water, thus reducing utility systems pumping energy.
  • Patented products and procedures provide a more consistent and uniform slag insulating layer – further protecting the equipment, extending its useful service life, and retaining more heat within the furnace.
  • The safer operating furnace provided by our Spray-Cooled™ equipment enhances overall shop operations.
  • The cleaner operating environment provided by our Spray-Cooled™ equipment enhances overall shop operations.
  • Improved reliability provides for more operating uptime, thus increasing production for a given period of time.
  • Providing for easier and more accessible maintenance and repair procedures, reduce downtime required during upset occurrences.

Enhanced Furnace Operations Video

Improving furnace reliability while decreasing and easing maintenance requirements, providing safer working conditions in a cleaner environment, reducing the cost of spare parts inventories while extending the service life of the equipment, and providing for more production with less energy, SYSTEMS Spray-Cooled™ equipment is “Staying Cool in a Hot Business”.