Clog Resistant Spray Nozzles

With the costs associated with chemical treatment of cooling water systems skyrocketing along with energy costs of pumping water, the engineers at SYSTEMS Spray-Cooled™, Inc. set out to design these costs out of our already beneficial equipment. The SYSTEMS Spray-Cooled™ Clog Resistant Nozzle is the result.

Providing 120full cone coverage at flows rated at a supply pressure of only 30psi (2 Bar), the pass-through bore of our patented nozzles is approximately 5X that of most other commercially available spray nozzles. These large bore nozzles are able to perform while passing most suspended particulate in normally operating cooling water systems without the need for costly chemical treatment Made from 100% brass stock, the nozzles are able to be broken down for inspection and cleaning. Provisions have been made to ensure that the correct installed nozzle orientation is maintained, even after multiple re-installations.

Our Clog Resistant nozzles are available in five different stock flow rates from 2.6 gallons per minute up to 9.0 gallons per minute, and are manufactured in 3/8” and 1/2” pipe thread standards.

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Spray Systems Clog Resistant Nozzles

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Improving furnace reliability while decreasing and easing maintenance requirements, providing safer working conditions in a cleaner environment, reducing the cost of spare parts inventories while extending the service life of the equipment, and providing for more production with less energy – SYSTEMS Spray-Cooled™ equipment is “Staying Cool in a Hot Business”.

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